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Henk Brandwijk Shipmodels

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Building ship models. Modern, classical and historical ships, models, museum replicates, and of course also restorations

Our speciality:

We specialise in ships models of any kind. Whether we make a model of a Friesian boeier sail or motoryachts wooden speedboats or of a huge ocean-going cruise ship, they all have one thing in common: their quality is top notch. Accuracy of dimensions, realistic detail, a caring finishing touch, you will find all that in any Brandwijk model. It needs to be seen to be believed.

Also your own ship can be preserved as a Brandwijk model.

Even when shrunk to an exact scale, your ship will maintain its realistic appearance. We build according to the original specifications or drawings and in the case of the full size ship still to be built, we use the original yard drawings and yard instructions to create a miniature miracle.

Each Brandwijk model is exclusively constructed by hand using the original materials such as wood, bronze or leather. You will not find any parts that have been mass-produced.


Henk Brandwijk Shipmodels

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