Henk Brandwijk Shipmodels

Quite early in his career Henk was fascinated by the design of the 17th century ships.

The best model of such a ship is the model of the historical Prins Willem. The model made by Witsen is part of the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Since Henk also made some remarkable models for various museums it is no wonder that the organisers of the Dutch Village in Nagasaki Japan commissioned Henk to realise “their” own Prins Willem. This sparked Japanese imagination and enthusiasm in such a way that a “real life model” (scale 1:1) was built at a boatyard in Friesland. For this transition back to real life the Brandwijk model was a source.

Henk’s fame reached Royal circles. When friends of His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard wanted to surprise the Prince for his birthday with a replica of his own ship, the Jumbo VI, they knew that Henk would make a masterpiece of it. When the result was presented to the Prince he was touched and complimented Henk on the accuracy and genuine “feel” of the result.

Who is Henk Brandwijk?

Henk was born at Leiden Holland. After having been technically schooled he applied himself to fine mechanical engineering and nautic photography.