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In order to build a good model of a sailingrboat we generally need the following information: a 3D file to mill the plug with which we make the mould of the hull. We make hulls of epoxy resin enhanced with fibreglass. We also need construction drawings for the construction, engine and rudders. We need a deck lay-out with etched teak for a detailed reconstruction of the deck. We use real teak boards for the models, which we cover with a layer of sikaflex. We also need detailed drawings of, for example, air scoops, winches, stanchions, windows, wheel and so on, so we can add more details. Alternatively, you can also provide us with a manufacturer’s name and type numbers. We also need detailed drawings of the masts and a sails. If it is an older ship, paper drawings will obviously suffice. We use high-quality 2K varnishes on top of several coats of primer to finish the models, which we also polish afterwards.